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Chris Manes, from A Muse Ink creates spectacular beaded patterns. I've had the pleasure of completing the following:

Gaia - she took me a year. I'd never beaded before and had no clue what Peyote stitch was. So I'd get frustrated and throw her in a bag only to rediscover her months later and try again. I gifted her to my Mom at 12th Night 2008.

Gaia Pouch

Zephyr - breezed through this one (pun intended!). Started her after Christmas 2007 and finished her by the end of January a month later. She's having a bad hair day in the picture - I was trying to get the moonstones to stand out.

Zephyr Pouch

I purchase the delica beads from They're wonderful people and have lots of exquisite patterns including those from Chris! I highly recommend either website if you're in the mood to browse some great beadin' temptations. :)


I did this one for the church boutique: Crocheted bead rope - Red Hat colors