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Meowzette's latest obsession... pre-recorded audio programs posted to a website and available for download so she can listen, learn, laugh...

I love my iPOD, "Bug", and searching iTunes and the internet for fun lectures and discussions is the best scavenger hunt ever! iTunesU is sooo addicting! Most programs you can subscribe to via iTunes software (it's free from Apple)

Below are my favorites, let me know if you've found any too! Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to do one myself. :)


  • All Things Medieval - Started back in January '08, and hosted by Sir Justyn a 14th Century re-enactor in Australia.. Interesting bits of information. His podcast website lists all the books, or links he referenced in his show. Great sources!

  • Ancient and Medieval History - Started back in February '07. Catherine is in the SCA, she and her family are currently stationed in Germany. Very informative lectures.

  • TudorCast - excellent reviews. I'm just getting started on the episodes. The larger Tudor History website is here.

  • Showtime's The Tudors - can't get enough of the tv show? Listen to the behind the scenes podcasts from the actors.

  • British History 101 - wide range of historical programs, military history also included at this site.

  • 12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of the Byzantine Empire - Lots of shows, the host seems well educated, and travelled, on the subject.

  • Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - sounds intriguing!

  • Chivalry Today - knightly virtues in today's world. What a concept.

  • Oxford University: Podcasts from Medieval English Lectures

  • Podcasts from the Past

  • Podcasts from Medieval Texts


  • Artisan Bread, Wine & Cheese - short little programs with interviews dealing with artisanal bread, cheese, and wine. Yummy stuff!

  • Cheese by Hand - fun interviews with people who make the stuff!

  • Brini Maxwell - Hints and Tips for a Gracious Life - I LOVE this one; she is hysterical.

Bees, Honey, Beekeeping, etc.

Tai Chi & Qigong

  • Introduction to Qigong - from Qigong Institute. Excellent stuff!

  • Tai Chi for Well Being - unfortunately you won't learn how to put the 24 form together, but you will get an understanding of each of the forms that comprise it. Great as a reminder if you've done it before.


  • Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett

  • Chemical Free Living with Cynthia Drasler

  • Joyce Meyer Vod/Podcasts