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I've been practicing Tai Chi for about 7 years. It is considered a "soft form" of the martial arts, an internal form that emphasizes slow and flowing movements. I believe it is more meditative than the hard styles.

I practice the Yang form, and have learned the 105, 48, 24 and sword forms. At one time I could do them on both the right and left dominate, but I've been a slacker and can no longer remember "both sides" of the forms.

My current tai chi school, and it's online! So convenient.

Here is a picture of a paternal g-g-g-grandfather. I do not know if he was a practitioner of taichi or wushu, but I'd like to think so.

I also started learning Mandarin back in 1984 and at one time was fluent in both reading, writing, and speaking it. Time and no speaking partner has greatly reduced my fluency, but I continue to read Mandarin children's books when I get the opportunity.